Meet the Main Street: L.S. Caldwell & Associates, Inc.


For this week’s Meet the Main Street feature we spoke with Loretta Caldwell of L.S. Caldwell & Associates, Inc. about the business, her legacy, and the wonderful Ward 4 community she loves.

Tell us about your business.  When was it founded and why?

L. S. Caldwell & Associates, Inc. (LSC) is a Washington, DC based minority owned and operated firm which develops, implements and monitors Contracting, Employment and Community Awareness Participation (CAP) Compliance programs for major corporations, developers, private and public agencies.

The LSC staff of professionals are dedicated to providing outstanding service with a “Team Culture Approach.”  The firm’s founders, Ms. Loretta S. Caldwell, President and Mr. C. Eugene Harvey, Vice President maintain oversight of all service sectors including but not limited to:  Project Management, Compliance Monitoring/Tracking, Community Outreach, Marketing Strategies, Project Reporting, Programming/Logistics, Subcontractor Training, Event Planning and Social Media Consultation.

LSC was launched in 1991 and over the years has established a significant presence in the Compliance industry particularly in the DC Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area.  Past and present projects  include: DC Water & Sewer Authority, Purple Line Metro Project, Fort Lincoln Newtown, Ward 4 Short Term Multi-Family Housing, CityCenter DC, Fort Lincoln Newtown, COSTCO DC, Thurgood Marshall Baltimore Washington International (BWI) Airport; Ronald Reagan/International Cultural Trade Center, Woodrow Wilson Bridge, Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (DC Reagan and Dulles Airports,) Gallery Place Chinatown, PEPCO, Georgetown Incinerator/Ritz Carlton, to name a few.

In addition to our presence in DC, LSC also maintains office presence other jurisdictions.  LSC is “Owner/Operator” of the Baltimore MBDA Business Center, part of a national network of 45 Minority Business Development Centers funded by the U.S. Department of Commerce through its Business Development Agency.  The Baltimore MBDA Business Center assists high-growth Minority Businesses in achieving access to markets and capital through a nationwide network of MBDA Business Centers and strategic alliance (LSC CONNECT) partners.   

Our Philadelphia office works on behalf of the Philadelphia Rebuild Office to provide independent monitoring of diversity and inclusion for a new program, the Rebuild Philadelphia Initiative.   LSC is currently working on the Hayes Playground redevelopment project, monitoring and tracking of contractors and local residents to ensure mandated diversity and inclusion goals in the immediate neighborhood and the City of Philadelphia. 

What are your favorite things about this community?

There are so many wonderful things about living and working in Ward 4.  This is a close-knit community and everything is practically within walking distance.  We have restaurants, dry cleaners, beauty salons, and the nearby Walmart is perfect for household items to electronics…and everything in between. Local businesses like the Gold Coast Café, Moreland’s Tavern and other neighboring establishments along Georgia Avenue i.e., The Bar @ Milk and Honey, formerly Catch 22 lends the diversity and vibrancy so necessary for a prosperous community.  Our celebrity Chef Sammy Davis, proprietor of Milk and Honey was the recent winner of Food Network’s show “Chopped.” 

The Main Street corridor has many other great businesses, including Adoptions Together/Family Works Together and our very own renowned Pediatric expert conveniently located in the heart of Ward 4 (adjacent to the Metro bus depot) at Kennedy and 14th Street.  Dr. Marilyn McPherson-Corder, MD is the chief physician and CEO of the Children’s Medical Center. She has appeared on “The Oprah Winfrey Show”, “the Steve Harvey Show”, and may be heard on WOL 1450 AM Radio (Saturdays 3:00 pm – 4:00pm.)  Dr. McPherson-Corder who has delivered a few generations of Ward 4 residents, coincidentally, was the pediatrician for our very own visionary, Councilmember Brandon Todd.

What would you like to see happen in our community in the next 5 years?

It would be ideal seeing the Ward 4 community continue to flourish in all aspects.  Economic development is crucial for a thriving community complemented by a solid housing market.  We are fortunate that both are occurring along Kennedy Street and Georgia Avenue corridors.  There is an infusion of new blood here that is very reassuring.  We have a great mixture of senior residents and youth leaders who have become our life-line for upward growth and sustainability. 

Economic development is crucial for a thriving community complemented by a solid housing market.  We are fortunate that both are occurring along Kennedy Street and Georgia Avenue corridors.

What do you like to do for fun in Uptown?

Among the many activities occurring in Ward 4, I enjoy attending Ward 4 new business Grand Opening celebrations, supporting local events, i.e., the 6th Annual Kennedy Uptown Main Street Festival where every year local retail businesses line Kennedy Street showcasing their goods and services amid children’s activities and lots of great music.  Another event we now look forward to is Councilmember Brandon Todd’s Ward 4 Business Summit.  The 2nd Annual Summit was absolutely spectacular; there were over 40 DC public agencies and private resources providing access and information about numerous services including reimbursable security systems for businesses and homes (up to $750.00 and $500.00 respectively), access to DCRA for permits/licenses, DPW for streets and sanitation services, local police precincts; PEPCO, DC Water & Sewer Authority, etc.  There were several informational workshops including, contract opportunities with all DC utilities, Great Street “business” GRANTS and the renowned Goldman Sachs 100 Small Business Program…100% small business scholarships were made available!  

On a regular basis, we as vested residents/business stakeholders always network and strategize about how to implement action-initiatives which will improve the Ward 4 community.  Most importantly, there are Ward 4 organizations that we highly encourage locals to attend, learn and contribute.  Among many Advisory Groups in Ward 4 representing various interests, I am active with the Ward 4 Business Advisory Group that meets periodically to advise our Councilmember on legislation and issues of concern to the Ward.   

Closer to home and of primary interest/importance to me, is the Kennedy Street NW Economic Development and Small Business Revitalization Advisory Committee (KSED.)  Established in 2015, the group is now in its second year of operation.  As the Chairperson, I support the various committees:   Clean and Safe, Economic Development, Housing, Collaboration and Strategic Partnerships and Transportation and Public Safety; in their overall mission to provide oversight of Kennedy Street policies and initiatives.

 Visit to learn more about the work they’re doing in the District and across the country.